Basic idea
The coordination between the environment and our production and service is very import to boost our profile and win favor from clients and society . As an excellent enterprise ,we should be engaged in protecting the environment and be responsible for our society. 

Code of conduct
1.Obey the rules
   Comply with laws and regulations concerning environmental protection,prevent and control environmental pollution
   and protect the ecological environment.
2.Environmental goal
   Implement related environment target& plan and make corrective& preventive measures for environmental problems.
3.Promote the business activities aiming at environmental protection
   Provide products and service which can reduce the burden on the environment through out the whole process of planning to discarding.
4.contribution to society
   In order to realize the earth environment, do some positive business activities and then make contribution to our society.
5.Continuous improvement
   Continually improve the system of environmental management to enrich it.
6.Disclose information
   According to the requirement , disclose the environment policy and achievement of some activities to society