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At present, China's mold industry has been busily expanding, thus neglecting the marketing research and getting to know customers’ demand; which results in the high-end mould board appearing to be les...
At present, China's mold industry has been busily expanding, thus neglecting the marketing research and getting to know customers’ demand; which results in the high-end mould board appearing to be less outstanding of China mold and die industry. The high-end mold demanded by China’s market mostly rely on imports. Despite of those problems, mould industry in China still has a distinct advantage compared with foreign industry.

In order to improve the mold industry, the first thing to do is transform ideas, establish long-term development concept and formulate feasible development goals. This requires enterprises to get away from the price competition, to master the core technology, optimize product, and gradually expand the enterprise influence.

As the Mould industry in our country intends to develop intensively, they should strive for "low input, high-yield out" the management objective. This requires mold enterprise to change from several aspects.

Facing the world die market especially the comparatively prospective high-end market, the domestic demand of high-end mold machine tools still continue to rely on the import in the short term. Domestic extrusion mould machine tool enterprises urgently needs to know the market of the latest changes. In view of the current situation of the development of mold industry, they should research and develop related mold machine tool products, so as to seize market.

Enterprises need to continuously improve enterprise management level; improve the overall effectiveness of management; and reasonably optimize sector structure in order to avoid the waste of human resources and time. Mean while, they should optimize enterprise internal competition mechanism and improve the staff's professional quality to promote the industry brand construction. On the basis of cultivating the enterprise brand, multiple functional departments should coordinate to implement regional brand cultivation project; support the collective trademark registration. Through a brand agglomeration effect, it will help cluster the enterprise and drive the development of industry as a whole.

Cooperate and promote service platform construction. Through contact with the related scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, actively promote enterprises to strengthen cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, leading to the formation of production, study and research and for the integration of public technology service detection platform; Build a standardized information platform, make relevant technical institutions, and the enterprise standardization experts set up standardized information research team; Encourage and support enterprises to take part in all kinds of fairs, establish convention and exhibition brands, build enterprise marketing platform, and share alliance marketing resources; Promote the construction of strong talent area, integrate the enterprise talent and technology advantages, utilize leading enterprises and mold test center resources, organize mold industry technology development center, so as to help enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading.

The domestic extrusion mould industry development seems prospective with improving technical level. At the same time, the development scale is also growing with industrial gross nearly reaching 200 billion yuan. However, Shaoxing four-dimensional mould company believes that the domestic mold industry should be vigilant in peace time, continue to strive to encourage better and faster development of the mold machine tool industry.

Along with the thorough transformation of the machine tool industry, domestic mould industry is updating the technology, upgrading the product, as well as actively developing the market. In line with international competitors competition, China's mold industry exploits the advantages to the full to place in the international market.
The mould industry of our country still out stands compared with foreign market. Mould industry has made steady progress in the traditional market, at the same time, it’s actively exploring new markets; even the past neglected market has been developed as well. With the motivation of fields like LED lighting and display, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automobile lightweight, the development of rail transportation and other fields, mould and die industry in our country level has improved obviously. These factors make the mold market develop more gradually. According to statistics, China's mold have been exported to more than 170 countries and regions, which can be marked as tremendous achievements.